Beard Grooming Kits

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Barbero Set includes: 1. Beard Oil 50ml 1.69 fl oz 2. Beard Balm 100ml 3.38 fl oz 3. Beard Wax 50ml 1.69 oz 4. Beard Shampoo 100ml 3.38 fl oz
-Fragrance: woody/aromatic fragrance, characterized by a citrusy first impression, which warm up in a spicy heart before getting more intense due to the deeper male aromatic notes. The male aroma is enhanced by the addition of clove essential oils and pachouli. You will pass then from a fresh and citrusy head aroma to a spicy heart, till smell a deep woody fragrance
Barbero Beard Oil -Softens nourish and conditions the hair, soothes the skin underneath -Helps keeps the beard together without heavy feeling -Will leave your beard looking naturally radiant -Contains a proprietary blend of hair conditioning and nourishing natural botanical oils:Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Argan Kernel Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Clove Oil, Red Cedar Oil, Patchouli Oil.


BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH-100% Natural boar bristle brush made with all natural wood to ensure a no-snag brushing experience.
ANTI-STATIC WOODEN COMB-Avoid split-end, tangles, and knots with this all natural pear wood comb and display your soft, smooth beard with pride.
SOFTEN YOUR BEARD & SKIN-Use oil daily to moisturize your beard, mustache and skin without ever having a greasy face..

SOFTEN & SHINE your beard with our best-selling, full-size (2 oz) WV Timber Beard Oil and Original Magic Beard Balm
CLEAN & STYLE your beard with 4 oz of our WV Timber Beard Wash and our oval, military-style brush
BEST BEARD STATUS is yours, wrapped up in a burlap bag with the oil, balm, wash, and brush. This kit contains everything you need to start your beard and keep it epic.


BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH: Beard brush premium soft and hard wild boar bristles; bead, facial and head hair conditioning; style and maintain with ease; quality that lasts a lifetime; best beard brush
HIGH QUALITY COMB: beard comb and beard styling comb; trim with razor or clippers; natural design and feel; groom all types of beards; eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable; best beard comb
IMPRESS YOUR MAN WITH THE MOST SPECIAL GIFT! – The Beard Command beard care set is the ideal way to make sure that your man’s beard looks exquisite all the time. Plus, the convenient and sleek black package will add a touch of luxury to your gesture!