Women's Sunglasses

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Full metal abstract panto shaped aviator sunglasses that feature a unique extended brow bar, colorful mirrored lenses and styled with flat lenses that are designed for less curvature of the frame. The modern open metal design and stylish flat lenses present a unique one of kind piece that is a must have for this season’s collection.
Great Clarity of Vision:VIVIENFANG Sunglasses use Polarized Lenses which can reduce debilitating glare and light scatter,thus reducing general eye fatigue.They provide a natural vision from transmitting original colors without any modifications.
Some people are more sensitive to polarization and some are not.So this could be akin to other people getting dizzy with polarized shades and some not.If you wear the polarized sunglasses inner room , you will feel dizzy because of the filament lamp.You should wear it outside.Polarized lenses contain a laminated filter that allows only vertically oriented light to pass through.When you wearing the polarized sunglasses to use your cell phone,it will turns your cell phone into a 3D look.


100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE → If for any reason you are unsatisfied, just email us and you will receive a courteous and prompt refund within 24 hours. It’s that simple.
UNBREAKABLE, POLYCARBONATE LENSES AND DURABLE FRAME BUILT TO LAST → Durability to prevent breakage and proven to protect your eyes.
POLARIZED LENSES THAT ELIMINATE GLARE → Lenses eliminate glare that makes it difficult to see. Great for driving, sports, shopping adventures, time at the beach, and any other activity you’ll use them for!